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Adam Puff, President & Founder Haddonfield Financial Planning | 5 Things To Look For When Hiring a Financial Planner or Financial Adviser

Haddonfield Financial Planning’s President & Founder Adam Puff was recently called upon to share his thoughts with Authority magazine on things to look for when retaining a financial planner or financial advisor. As usual, Adam cut to the chase with his no hype, no flowery investment-speak and no BS approach, stating that one should always, “Make sure you’re paying for advice, not for a giant mahogany desk, marble floors, penthouse office, etc. The best advisors and ones that care often have very pedestrian offices because they are more focused on you than an image.” He also shared the importance of community engagement and civic duty, and why putting family first is essential.

Adam Puff, President of Haddonfield Financial Planning, is a Financial Advisor and Accredited Investment Fiduciary. After five years with two of the region’s largest investment firms, Adam Puff established his own business in 2009, Haddonfield Financial Planning, based in Haddonfield, NJ. Adam holds a BA in Economics from Bucknell University.


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