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National Restaurant Association Show | Tim Murphy

Seeking to position Boomers Park CEO Tim Murphy as a subject matter expert, Segel Associates secured a workshop speaking engagement for Tim at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago.

Titled Menu Optimization to Grow Business: Striking the Right Pricing Balance, the workshop had over 150 registered attendees and was exceptionally well-received. Fewer than 5 attendees had been in the food business for less than two years, indicating that participants, and especially those who asked the most questions, were more senior operators and owners of restaurants.

Over 50 questions were addressed during the presentation, and the closing 10-minute Q&A extended to 30 minutes, with attendees actively engaged, energized and educated. Most notably, the National Restaurant Association asked Tim to participate again in 2024 with another compelling workshop, thus cementing his reputation as a subject matter expert.


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