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Philadelphia Center for Anti-Aging

Philadelphia Center for Anti-Aging

Philadelphia Center for Anti-Aging in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, offers rejuvenating therapies from anti-aging specialists to revitalize your appearance and well-being. The team, led by Stephen Ficchi, DO, strives to customize treatment for every patient and provide exceptional treatment outcomes.

Dr. Ficchi and his compassionate team have extensive medical knowledge and are highly in tune with the needs of an aging body. They apply their nutritional expertise to provide wellness therapies such as vitamin shots, fat-burning injections, and customizable IV hydration therapy. The providers are also trained in rejuvenation therapies using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for facials and hair loss treatments as well as hormone-stimulating peptide therapies. Patients experiencing concerns like low testosterone can also receive hormone replacement therapy. Hormone replacement can balance the body’s hormone levels, resulting in fewer age-related symptoms like sexual dysfunction, depression, and fatigue.

The team at Philadelphia Center for Anti-Aging invites new and returning patients to schedule online or over the phone today for quality anti-aging therapies.

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