PA Eats | Anita's Guacamole

As part of their Meet the Maker series, PA Eats sat down with Colombian-American entrepreneur Mauricio Mendez, who got his start helping his grandmother Anita with her guacamole stand, to talk about all things avocado, guacamole and good for you. Mauricio is at the helm of Anita's Guacamole - the all-vegan line of guacamole and salsas you can't live without. He and his team mash the avocados by hand for the perfect texture and chunkiness, going through 7,500 avocados a week at their small production facility in Northeast Philadelphia.

PA Eats take on the green gold: Small batch, artisan-made guac beats out the mass-produced stuff any day. Shop local for your Anita's Guacamole - check out a farmers market near you!