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Haddonfield Financial Planning | The Piggy Bank Project

Adam Puff handles a lot of wealth, but he knows that every penny, nickel, dime and quarter counts, and the best way to turn small change into big money is to start a savings program at an early age.

Haddonfield Financial Planning, in partnership with local branches of Republic Bank, PNC Bank and TD Bank, helped kids jump start their savings program, learn to manage money and assist with the national coin shortage.

On a sunny Saturday in September, parents and kids were invited to collect a Republic Bank tote bag of banks at the popular Haddonfield Farmers’ Market. If pigs could fly, they surely did - the event was a huge success, with every bag of 4 child-friendly banks, along with helpful savings and investing tips, distributed in short order.

Families could also reserve their “This Little Piggy” set by visiting Haddonfield Financial Planning: Children were encouraged to employ each bank for a specific reason, ideally to hold funds with intent to invest, save, spend or donate. The pandemic has taken many coins out of circulation and some businesses can no longer provide change to their cash-paying customers. Having kids collect coins in their homes and then exchange them at their local bank helps coins get back into circulation.

This promotion was money in the bank, and is certain to pay dividends for years to come.


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